A Brief On Serial Publishers. 

Serial Publishers as an organization aims to promote worldwide research in the field of Science, Engineering, Management, and Technology. Serial Publishers offers services such as publishing International Journals whether online, double-blind peer reviewed or open-access. Serial Publishers aims to enlighten the International Community on interpretation upcoming trends as well as contemporary ones, disseminating reliable, updated and also fascinating news that affects different fields of learning.

Licensing of published articles is done under the Creative Commons Attribution License terms. This gives one the leeway to adapt, distribute, transmit and copy work as long as a proper citation of source and original work is provided. Serial Publishers is based on the understanding that researchers need to information sources and a platform to share solutions and ideas that foster development through publication.
Qualified and experienced editors, some being top-notch, world-class researchers, peer-review and edit the published articles in Serial Publishers journals. Publication is managed in an organized manner by well versed and devoted staff that ensure the authors’ dignity is upheld and all matters relating to Serial Publishers and in a timely manner.

Distributed articles are authorized under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License. This grants anybody to duplicate, circulate, transmit and adjust the work gave the first work and source is properly referred to. Serial Publishers is predicated on the requirement for analysts to have entry to a wellspring of data and a chance to share, through distribution, new thoughts and answers for practical advancement.


Our vision is to publish and ensure the circulation and accessibility of high quality, research articles in the areas of project management, social sciences, business, public health and procurement management without financial restriction to readers using the open access model of publication.


Open Access

Through Open access (OA) scholarly journal articles that are peer reviewed can be accessed without restriction, via the Internet. Use of the Internet has enabled more efficient and cost-friendly vast distribution of knowledge than previously possible. In publishing, however, some costs have to be incurred in digital presentation, proofreading, copyediting and protecting, disseminating and promotion of your work.


By paying an Article Processing Charge with Open Access, these costs are covered, and authors (or their institutions or funders) can ensure proper evaluation of work quality and accessibility concerning downloading and reading published work.


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