International Journal of Logistics and Procurement Management

International Journal of Logistics and Procurement Management are a group of articles that addresses logistics, its strategies, implications, and development. It also has articles on tendering procedures, supply chain management, and logistics systems. It seeks to promote globalization of markets, logistics, procurement and other related disciplines. Students, businesspersons, teachers and scholars benefit widely from the journal.





International Journal of Public Health

The International Journal of Public Health publishes scientific, public health related articles. Articles are sourced globally and seek to raise awareness of public health problems. They also provide solutions to public health concerns. The primary objective is to provide relevant information on crucial health problems that affect the public, and they publish researched articles, commentaries, and opinions





International Journal of Project Management

The International Journal of Project Management publishes a broad range of project management articles. The articles that touch on aspects such as techniques, research, expertise and recent developments in technologies for project management. The peer-reviewed articles cover topics such as project concept, evaluation, training, project start-up, planning, methodologies, risk analysis, procurement methods among many others. The journal publishes its articles bi-monthly in collaboration with the International Project Management Association.






International Journal of  Social Sciences

The International Journal of Social Sciences is a journal that publishes articles that are considered relevant and significant in the society. The articles published cover fields like sociology, history, law, political science and other general sociology topics. These topics are aimed at providing information sourced from the society, research works, history and case studies. Researchers, scientists, students, political scientists and policy makers are the major targets and beneficiaries of the journal.




International Journal of Business Management and Finance (ISSN 2616-1818)

The International Journal of Business Management and Finance publishes articles that are focused mainly on entrepreneurs and business management. It fosters entrepreneurship among developing countries, both genders, families, groups and promotes self-employment. It also contains articles on business management, business education, strategies, skills, innovation, and others. Business management is covered under areas such as strategic management. Production management, human resource management, information technology management, marketing among others.




International Journal of Arts and Education

International Journal of Arts and Education is an open access platform for publishing languages and education related articles. The journal primarily covers research based articles including art theory, drama education, languages, education in literature, narrative as well as holistic integrated studies that cross these fields.

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